She Power: Living by Your Cycle

There was a time when women totally honored and celebrated their monthly cycles. For real. It was the cycle that moved a woman from girl, through to mother, through to wise woman, through to crone.

– Lisa Lister

This may be one of the biggest connections I have yet to make on my path to remembering. I’ve recently been diving into the works of Lisa Lister, dealing with the magick of the female cycle. And, while listening to an audiobook of hers the other day I began to REMEMBER.

I believe whole heartedly in the notion of “once a witch, always a witch”. And, that one of the biggest things we should do in each life we live is to REMEMBER the lessons of the ones previous;  then integrate that knowledge into the present.

Did you know the word “Remember” means “to put back together”?

We are here to put ourselves back together again…

Part of this, particularly for Women, is to embrace the full power and potential that is our monthly cycle. We already work with the Moon and all of her phases – it’s time to honor and work with the phases within ourselves.

I struggled with this the first time I read about it. I was grossed out by being encouraged to embrace my monthly cycle. Just saying it felt weird. It was still one of those things that I felt shouldn’t be spoken about. I thought “No one wants to hear about my period!” Or “How can that be Magickal? I feel useless during that time.” I wasn’t looking at the FULL cycle though.

Honoring our Duality

That premenstrual time and the menstruation time itself, are like the Waning and New Moon. We are not meant to “GO GO GO!” all the time. We need time every month to slow down. (Women are naturally more fatigued leading up to and through our cycle) Retreat within – get down into the dirty dark stuff. (We also tend to be less social during this time.)Then, release what is not serving us. (We LITERALLY shed what was not used to create a life. Coincidence? Never.)

Then the days after our cycle through ovulation, are similar to the Waxing and Full Moon. More energy. Social. Clever. Creative and Crafty. We can do anything we put our minds to. Fierce AF.

Thanks to modern society, women are expected to act in this Waxing/Full Moon energy all the time. Constantly on the go. Making zero time for ourselves and the inner work that needs to be done. How can anyone be expected to know themselves if we aren’t giving ourselves the time to do so?

I’m not saying your cycle should sink up with the moon, only that you have cycles much like her! But, if you happen to be, typically that would mean you bleed during the New Moon and Ovulate when it’s Full. However, this can change depending on where you are in your life. (I’m currently the opposite!)

Pay attention to when yours is, and what Moon Phase it all occurs in. This has meaning!

What if I don’t really have a Cycle?

I can relate. In a world where birth control reigns supreme, some of us gals have chosen options that don’t actually allow us to have a period. Our body usually gives us tells though  as to when we would experience our cycle. If this isn’t as noticeable for you, practice the quiet inner reflection and releasing with the Waning and New Moon phases.

Personally, I’ve been in the process of getting back to my natural cycle. For the first time since I was 15! And I’m EXCITED about it.

Yep. I’m 31 years old, and I’m finally pumped about having a period. It only took 19 years!🤣